Présentation de Lyne Morissette par Ken Beattie, gestionnaire du programme habitats, au banquet des prix de la FCF

The Roland-Michener conservation award honours the commitment by an individual to promote and enhance the conservation of Canada’s natural resources. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Lyne Morissette is with us this evening.

Lyne is an active member of the scientific community who has given endangered species the prospect of recovery, demonstrating years of her commitment to conservation.

Dr. Morissette grew up above the St. Lawrence river and became fascinated by marine ecology very early in life. That interest has grown, blossoming into a career that’s given her not only a doctorate, but made her a specialist of marine mammal conservation, and an international reputation.

Her academic research has been published in leading journals, and she has been a dedicated volunteer with environmental organisations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, and a provincial network dedicated to marine mammal rescue.

Public education is also central theme in Morissette’s work, she currently holds a position of scientific director with ÉcoMaris, a science education organization in Québec, that builds public understanding of the St. Lawrence river, both as an important ecological resource, and as a resource that has shaped the culture and the history of the province of Québec.

She is working to develop a network for research on migratory whales, mainly humpback and blue whales, from their summer feeding grounds in the St. Lawrence region to their calving grounds in the Caribbean.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Roland-Michener conservation award, Dr. Lyne Morissette.